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About Kayciblu


Kayciblu Wright (Born on August 16, 2004) Know simply as Kayciblu is a young Entertainer/Rapper/ Model from Providence Rhode Island. Since the age of 3 years old Kayciblu knew she loved the bright lights and stage, In 2007 Kayciblu began dancing for one of the top dance companies in Rhode Island, Rising Stars Dance Academy. Kayciblu started competing with her dance competition team throughout New England and across the country. RSDA received the KAR National Production Title in 2013. Dancing on stage was just the beginning; Kayciblu knew she wanted to be an entertainer. In 2011 Kayciblu started working with the Model Club Agency, located in Boston, Massachusetts, which specializes in print and commercial work.




Since 2013, Kayciblu music career has taken off. She is on the rise of Rhode Island’s adverse music scene. The spunky 10 year-old music entertainer may have been born in the small state of Rhode Island. But growing up in a family full of New Yorkers, her exposure to the Big Apple has given her big city attitude. Kayciblu always knew she had the skills to be an entertainer/rapper, after countless days in her bedroom rapping along with artist on YouTube. When her father overheard her reciting her own rhymes, he knew it was time to get her in the studio. Kayciblu has mixed her pizazz with positivity. She had a break through performance on the “No Kids Left Behind Music Tour”, the tour promoted education and extra curricular activities to children in Inner city schools throughout New England. The crowed automatically connects to Kayciblu’s captivating stage performance and fashion forward swagger. The “No Kids Left Behind Music Tour” opened the door to “The Anti-Bullying Tour” in New York. In addition, she also performed at the “FOO Festival” one of the largest festivals in Providence Rhode Island. Kayciblu has done several radio interviews and has performed at many charity events. Fans and skeptics should be on the look out for Kayciblu hit singles “Swag On a Million” and “Bounce With Me”. These two tracks alone have received positive feedback and inquiries for more music. Just wait on it! Kayciblu has been working on a number of new songs that will soon be released making her one of the youngest ambitious female entertainer/rapper on the East Coast.


Kayciblu currently works with Media Artist Group out of New York City. She continues to work hard and strive for success. 

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